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Relief Chef...Agency Chef...Temp it right for me?

19th November 2018

Towngate Personnel are always looking for new chefs to join our team, working in short and long-term jobs throughout the UK.

If you have never temped before, this can be a great experience where you can:


·         Work in a wide variety of kitchens all over the country

·         Learn new skills

·         Cook different menus

·         Meet like-minded chefs

·         Get paid for all the hours you work

·         Not get involved in kitchen politics


Once working for Towngate, we can offer you:


·         An excellent hourly rate

·         Additional holiday pay

·         Employer pension

·         Weekly pay direct into your bank account

·         Work in hotels, pubs and restaurants

·         Style of cooking to suit your skillset

·         Live in accommodation in many cases

·         Temp to perm opportunities 



There are many reasons why people chose to temp; some do it out of necessity for a few weeks while they find their next permanent job, while others will happily temp for years -  loving the freedom and the opportunities it gives them. You might consider Temp/Relief/Agency work if you...


·         Have some spare time before starting a new job

·         Want to 'try before you buy' - a great opportunity to work in a wide  variety of places to help you chose the best permanent job

·         Enjoy travelling and staying in different parts of the country

·         Like meeting and sharing experiences with new chefs all the time

·         Deserve to be paid for all the hours you work


Most of our chefs work at a Chef de Partie level. We occasionally have specialist positions such as Pastry roles, and even more senior jobs up to Executive Chef level. However, these are obviously less common and we find that many of our Head and Sous temps are happy to work at a less stressful and lower level.

One note of caution: The life of a relief chef is not for everyone. Each assignment can be like starting a new job – You don’t know anyone, it’s a new menu, the kitchen is not what you are used to, the brigade is often short staffed (which is why you're there!). However, if you are someone who embraces the unexpected then this can be ideal for you!

We cannot promise to keep everyone employed all the time and appreciate that many of you are tied to a certain location, but if you have transport, are reliable and are willing to work away from home, then more often than not we will have a job for you.

Still interested? To start with, we will need to see your CV. Then, one of our consultants will have a chat with you to find out what you're looking for, check references from your last two employers, make sure that you are eligible to work in the UK and have the relevant food hygiene qualifications. Then you're ready for your first assignment as a Towngate Temp!


Welcome aboard!


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